A painting of a woman

During social distancing, artists collaborate on ‘Long Distance Art’

Coronavirus Art

Long Distance Art, which launched this week, is an international, multidisciplinary collaborative art series with The Social Distancing Festival. Artists can inquire about collaborating with another artist they’ve seen on the site, or have the creator pair them up with another artist of his choosing. 

"Judy's  Hand  Pavilion," 2018, by Tony Tasset

Cleveland’s move to the front lines of contemporary art


Design for the Real World: Ballpark

Arts, Culture & Media
Cleveland Indians logo

Cleveland Indians will ditch ‘Chief Wahoo’ logo on uniforms next year

Lead porch Reuters story

Childhood lead poisoning remains a widespread problem in America

The Sierra Club is organizing grassroots activists to push Cleveland’s city leaders to commit to 100 percent renewable energy by the year 2050.

In Cleveland, climate change isn’t about rising seas. It’s about jobs and health.


Cleveland ranks among the nation’s top cities with the most preventable deaths related to air quality issues. Things are getting worse with climate change. Doctors and environmentalists see climate change as a public health crisis and an opportunity.

Former South Carolina congressman Bob Inglis says Donald Trump and his Republican party are "shrinking in science denial" on climate change because they don't like the solutions proposed by Democrats. But he says there's a simple conservative solution his

This Republican says his party’s denial of climate science is ‘courting disaster’ with voters


Donald Trump has famously dismissed concern about climate change as a hoax and a con job. And on that point, he’s well within the GOP mainstream, but a former GOP congressman says his party’s all wrong on the science, economics and politics of the climate threat.

People cheer in the Quicken Loans Arena during the Republican National Convention

‘Lock her up!’: A guide to some of the RNC’s most popular chants


How do you react to them?

Chris Christie RNC

We asked Chris Christie what it means to be an American. Here’s what he said.

Global Politics

The former presidential hopeful had just led a scathing mock trial of Hillary Clinton at the RNC. We stopped him on his way out of the convention hall.

A degrading building on city street

In Cleveland, here’s where you can find people who are welcoming to immigrants


The Republican National Convention (and its anti-immigrant rhetoric) is just one week in the life of Cleveland. After population declines, many people in this city see immigration as key to Cleveland’s success.