Guilty Pleasure: Hari Kondabolu loves ‘Untamed Heart’

Studio 360
Hari Kondabolu

In the mid ’90s, when all of his buddies were watching action movies, 14-year-old Hari Kondabolu was secretly obsessing over a romantic drama, “Untamed Heart.”

The movie stars Marisa Tomei as a waitress at a diner in Minneapolis. She falls in love with a mysterious busboy played by Christian Slater, but there’s a catch — Slater’s character claims to have a baboon heart, which ultimately leads to a tragic ending.


Ridiculous conflict device aside, pubescent Kondabolu knew it wasn’t the kind of movie he could tell other people was his favorite.

“As a teenage boy … you’re not supposed to want to fall in love, and you’re not supposed to appreciate two characters who are in love. We’re not really taught that.” 

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Nevertheless, “Untamed Heart” was just the gateway drug for Kondabolu, who has been mainlining sappy romance films ever since.  

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