Tattoo artists tattooing their clients.

Ukrainians embrace tattoos as a form of patriotism


In many ways, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has become a war of identity and self-expression. Many Ukranians are turning to tattoos to show their patriotism.

Benin Bronzes on exhibit at the British Museum.

Germany plans to return looted Benin Bronzes to Nigeria. Will other countries follow suit?

A stenciled rat appears to be sneezing.

Banksy unveils new pandemic-inspired art featuring rats in face masks

a theater. with red carpet is full of plants instead of an audience.

Barcelona opera reopens to full house — of plants

John Waters in 2014.

John Waters: The king of filth

Pech Song

Arts, Culture & Media

The story of a Cambodian painter recruited by the Khmer Rouge

Liza Lou

Arts, Culture & Media

Reporter Robin Urevitch visits Liza Lou, an artist known for her elaborate beaded sculptures of domestic spaces, and they talk about her remarkable installation, “Kitchen.”

Evolution of the American Kitchen

Arts, Culture & Media

Art Historian Elizabeth Cromley, chair of the Art and Architecture department at Northeastern University talks about how kitchens have changed in this country over the past century, reflecting changes in American family life.

GFP Bunny

Arts, Culture & Media

Artist and writer Eduardo Kac’s latest work is GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein) Bunny, a flourescent rabbit with jellyfish genes that Kac created to encourage public dialogue about the questions and boundaries of transgenic experimentation. Produced by Donna Gallers.

Commentary: The Allure of Other Art Forms

Arts, Culture & Media

Kurt Andersen marvels at artists’ inclination to engage in other art forms.