The Philippine president’s new girlfriend is a wacky radio DJ


Meet the Philippine president's new girlfriend, Grace Lee, a milk-skinned, Korean-born host of a morning zoo-style radio show in Manila.

The cheesy plot of "Love Actually" appears to be playing out in Manila with President Benigno Aquino III reprising Hugh Grant's role: bachelor head of state smitten with sexy commoner.

The pair have confirmed their romance, according to the Associated Press (and every gossip site in the Philippines.)

The president, who has made a futile request for "privacy" regarding his new girlfriend, has even introduced her to his family, according to Manila's ABS-CBN news. And Grace's manager, ignoring Aquino's privacy request, divulged that her eyes "sparkle" when she speaks of the president.

How this coupling will play out politically is unclear. Celebrities and politicians in the Philippines are sometimes one and the same (boxer Manny Pacquiao is a congressman) and politics are covered in tabloid fashion.

Devout Catholics might not like that the president is dating a presenter on a goofy, irreverent radio show in which hosts drink pee for charity. (I'm referring to Grace's co-host, Mojo. You can find this post on her Facebook wall: "Oh Lord… he did it! it downed his urine!!!!)

Some Filipino guys might dig the fact their leader is dating a 29-year-old. (He's almost 52.) Young women might dig the fact that an assertive, fashionable female (who recently hosted a show called "Diz Iz It!") has the president's ear. Grace certainly personifies the region's ideal of modern female beauty: slender, fair skin, etc. (I cite, as my source, every soap opera and shampoo commercial televised in Southeast Asia.)

If they remain an item for some time, the voting public in the Catholic-majority Philippines may expect given the pair to marry and procreate.

Is the the future first lady of the Philippines?

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