Andrew Breitbart’s website launches redesign


Andrew Breitbart's website has launched a redesign, announced yesterday.

Breitbart, the conservative media pundit who died suddenly at age 43 on Thursday, was working on the revamp of his conservative news site before his death. 

"Many of you wondered what he was working on so hard during the last year of his life," the website's statement said. "Here it is. This was Andrew’s design. And it is Big, like everything else about him. It took him – and all of us – sleepless nights and countless hours to make it a reality. We go forward infused with Andrew's fire, his fight, his humor and his warrior spirit." 

Versions of the old website can be found archived here

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Breitbart died March 1 of natural causes, though the Los Angeles County Coroner's office said it will take a few weeks to determine the definitive cause of death. 

"It looks like a heart attack, but no one knows until an autopsy is done," his father-in-law, actor Orson Bean, told the Los Angeles Times.

Breitbart worked for the Drudge Report and helped start the Huffington Post before starting his own family of websites, including and He is best known for uncovering scandals involving US Department of Agriculture employee Shirley Sherrod and New York Rep. Anthony Weiner, WebProNews reported.

He captured video of Sherrod, who is black, in which she appeared to make racially charged comments, which led to her being fired. She received an apology from the Obama administration after it was revealed that her comments were taken out of context, according to the Times. 

Sherrod filed a defamation suit against Breitbart, which was still underway at the time of the conservative pundit's death, WebProNews reported. 

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