VIDEO: National Guard called to dig out town buried under 10 feet of snow

Perhaps you’ve heard, winter 2011-2012 is — so far — the winter that wasn’t.

Tell that to the residents of Cordova, Alaska.

In this tiny town of about 2,200 people, weeks of storms have left parts of the town buried in more than 10 feet of snow, according to Reuters. There was nothing to do but call out the National Guard.

Some 50 guardsmen with their heavy equipment descended on the town to give residents a hand in digging out. The heavy equipment had to be brought in by barge because the town is located in an isolated location along Alaska’s coast, southeast of Anchorage. It’s only accessible by air and sea.

Cordova typically gets about 100 inches of snow per year, but in December and the first eight days of January, the  town had more than 130 inches. The excessive snowfall has led to roof collapses, Reuters said, including at three commercial businesses, one of them a restaurant.

Guardsman are being asked to help shovel snow off of roofs to keep that from happening again, CNN said.

RAW VIDEO: Driving Through Harsh Alaska Snow

US News Video by NewsLook

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