Alaska's National Petroleum Reserve

Federal judge blocks major Alaskan drilling project


A major Alaska drilling project that would tap into 600 million barrels of oil has been put on hold by a federal judge.

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge caribou aerial

Trump administration tries to sell off Arctic wildlife refuge in its final days

A man raises his left arm in protest.

Indigenous youth take global stage in Madrid to voice climate change worries 

Climate Change

From the USSR with love: A sailor’s 50-year-old message in a bottle makes it to Alaska

A cityscape of Anchorage, Alaska with dog-sled racers and mountains

With an Indigenous perspective, Anchorage seeks to adapt to climate change even if Alaska doesn’t

Climate Change

As the Arctic warms up, a ‘new ocean’ is bringing new commerce to the top of the world

The Big Melt

As the Arctic warms, it’s opening up a whole new economic frontier, with big opportunities for tourism, shipping and resource development, including oil and gas. But that also brings a whole new array of risks for the region and the world.

sea ice

Ice is us: Alaska Natives face the demise of the Arctic ice pack

The Big Melt

Sea ice plays a big role in keeping the earth cool, but it’s disappearing fast. No one knows this better, or is more directly affected, than the Arctic’s native communities, whose economy and culture are deeply interwoven with ice.

A person walks through a puddle in Shismaref, Alaska.

An Alaskan village is falling into the sea. Washington is looking the other way.

The Big Melt

Shishmaref, Alaska, home to a tightly knit Iñpuiat community of 600 people, is ground zero for climate change in the Arctic. What happens here could foreshadow the fates of other US coastal communities. Why won’t Washington pay attention?

A slate-blue sea stretches out on the horizon. In the foreground, green grass is dotted with wildflowers.

For some Alaska Natives, the Bering Sea and an international border makes it hard to go home


For generations, Alaskan Natives crossed the Bering Sea to visit family on nearby islands. It’s harder today, thanks to international politics, high costs and weather.

Red gloved hands grab a fish out of a huge pile of silver skinned salmon.

Alaska’s seafood industry waits for China tariff pain


After working for years to attract the Chinese market, Alaska’s seafood industry now faces a 25 percent tariff, a response to the Trump administration’s levies on Chinese goods.