Zimbabwe’s uncertainty extends to farms

The World

At this farm, once thriving, there is still a huge field, but most are lying fallow. In 2002 war vets invaded here and the white owners were evicted, with the land given to a family who were and are loyal to Robert Mugabe. this woman runs the farm on her own now since her husband died. She may be loyal to the regime, but the regime hasn’t given them the support to run the farm. She’s worried about what she reads and sees in the news. Zimbabwe once had several thousand white-owned farms and they provided the country’s economic backbone, but they were also the support of the whites regime and Mugabe forced them out. Now state media are reporting white farmers are coming back. a recent TV newscast featured a report from rural Zimbabwe that many believed was staged. It showed a completely unnerved white farmer. The reports along with Mugabe’s calls to safeguard the land are aimed right at the opposition leader. But the white farmers are calling for their farms back, which may not help the opposition leader. This white opposition politician says he wants to diffuse the situation, but he understands why Mugabe is exploiting this issue.

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