French President Emmanuel Macron celebrates with supporters in front of the Eiffel Tower Paris, France

To Europe’s relief, France’s Macron wins, but far-right gains


French President Emmanuel Macron secures a second term in office. Acknowledging that “numerous” voters cast ballots for him simply to keep out the fiercely nationalist far-right Marine Le Pen, he pledged to reunite the country.

A black and white image of a newspaper titled "La Amérika"

I’m an American. But my family came to the US fraudulently.

Immigration Rewind
Sudanese protesters gesture near burning tires used to erect a barricade on a street, demanding that the country's Transitional Military Council handover power to civilians.

Legacy of communism hotly debated in Poland 30 years on

Venezuela President Maduro in blue suit holds his hands out and speaks at news conference.

Venezuelans fear ‘Fatherland Card’ may be a new form of social control

Global Politics
A crowd watches an illuminated bandshell decorated with red and blue stars while confetti falls in the air.

It’s ironic that we play the ‘1812 Overture’ at Fourth of July celebrations

Leader of the People's Party Sebastian Kurz addresses the media after formally being asked to form a government by Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen in Vienna.

Conservative Austrian ‘whiz-kid’ tapped to form government

Global Politics

Austria’s president on Friday tasked election winner Sebastian Kurz with forming a government, putting the 31-year-old conservative on course to become the world’s youngest leader.

Arizonia Republican Sen. John McCain speaking on the floor of the U.S. Senate after being diagnosed with brain cancer.

About McCain’s ‘beacon of liberty’ vision of America


The Economist’s David Rennie says European leaders feel orphaned and bereft in the Trump era.

An American minister organized a last-minute sea rescue of 250,000 people from the Ottoman city of Smyrna at the height of the Armenian genocide

The American who saved 250,000 from death during the Armenian genocide


How did a small-town minister from New York organize a flotilla that saved hundreds of thousands of people from the final chapter of the Armenian genocide? Asa Jennings’ drive stands out in a world that faces current-day challenges from Europe-bound migrants, says the author of a new book.

TV celebrity Kim Kardashian gestures on her way to a hotel shortly after arriving in Yerevan, Armenia, on April 8, 2015.

Kim Kardashian (and the Pope) thrusts Armenia and its horrific past into the spotlight


Armenians have long been fighting for recognition for their darkest chapter, the mass killings in 1915 that they say were a deliberate genocide by the Ottoman Empire. And their cause got plenty of attention this week as the pope and Kim Kardashian both spoke out — in a way.

People attend a rally in support of Scotland's independence referendum, in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine.

Russia says ‘Yes’ to self-determination — as long as it’s not within Russia

Global Politics

Russia is eagerly watching the Scotland referendum on independence. Russia media portray it as a validation of the March vote in Crimea for self-determination. But Moscow-based reporter Charles Maynes tells Marco Werman that Russia’s government is less eager to embrace self-determination inside its own borders.