Zimbabwe deal under scrutiny

The World

The drumbeat sounded the call on state-run radio, and people were prepared to hear that change might be coming. Mugabe is finally agreeing to share power with his rivals. Mugabe once said only God would remove him from office. The opposition’s new speaker in parliament isn’t exactly crowing about the deal because Mugabe still retains some power. One of the things opposition wanted was control of all security forces, and they only got the police, so Mugabe will still control the military. This political analyst says that’s because the armed forces still wield enormous power in Zimbabwe and senior officers are worried they’d be prosecuted for offenses over the past year. For Mugabe and the military, holding onto absolute power was not an option, especially considering the horrible state of the economy. There’s no joy in the country today: people are wary and worried. In March Zimbabweans voted for change and saw their country devolve into chaos and violence instead, which is why people are worried he won’t be ready for change now.

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