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Bill Lamin started his grandpa’s war blog with letters dated February 1917. Harry had just begun infantry training in England and he was eventually sent to fight the Austrians in Italy. His letters paint war at its most horrific and its most mundane, but that’s been the appeal of the blog all along says Bill Lamin. So how does Harry’s war end? Well on November 4th, 1918 the Austrian Army collapsed in Italy and Harry put pen to paper. Bill says Harry never had to go back to Flanders but he also didn’t make it home to England by Christmas. The blog will continue until Harry does make it home. For readers, it’s a joy to find out that Bill did know his grandfather, who he says he never heard anything about the war from. Bill found his grandfather’s letters in a drawer at home, and the blog has been very popular, drawing 2 million plus visits and has caused Bill to retire from teaching. Bill says his grandfather’s letters have touched a cord with readers around the world.

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