Takeouts: USAID, NFL, civil rights on MLK day

The World

CONGRESS TAKEOUT: The USAID says that the search-and-rescue operation in Haiti will officially end sometime today, as relief agencies transition to other recovery efforts. Takeaway Washington correspondent Todd Zwillich brings us the latest on this and the U.S. military’s deployment in Haiti.

SPORTS TAKEOUT: Sports Contributor Ibrahim Abdul-Matin tells about the big upset last night that ended the hopes of the Indianapolis Chargers and guaranteed the New York Jets a place in the AFC finals.

MLK DAY TAKEOUT: Femi Oke and Celeste Headlee went to a Martin Luther King Jr. celebration at the Brooklyn Museum in New York, and spoke about the future of the civil rights movement with Dr. Roscoe Brown. Brown is a professor at CUNY graduate center and a former Tuskegee airman

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