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Keeping Up with the Sarah Joneses

Arts, Culture & Media

The Tony Award-winning writer and performer (“Bridge & Tunnel”), briefs Kurt on her experiences at the Aspen Ideas Festival, a gathering of big thinkers to tackle big problems. Jones transforms from a self-deprecating Brit to a Jewish grandmother, to a young male rapper. Sarah Jones performs at the Aspen Ideas Festival

Dancer Link Berthomieux says that when French people use the English word ‘black,’  “It’s a trendy way to say ‘noir.’”

Why the English word ‘black’ became the new ‘noir’ in France

YuKong Zhao

Asian American groups claim top Ivy League schools practice racial discrimination

maryland high 4

Separate but equal? A school within a school for immigrant students brings help — and controversy.

black farmers 1

After a century in decline, black farmers are back and on the rise

black panther comic

Why the stakes are so high for the Black Panther


Discussions of racism in superhero comics is a long – albeit often troubled – tradition.

microaggression 2

What are microaggressions? Let these high school students show you.


Students and staff at a high school in Oregon have come together to fight back against the hurtful words they’ve experienced at school and in their community.

high school grads

What kind of students have the lowest graduation rates? Try this quiz


How does race, economic background or language proficiency affect graduation rates in the US public high schools? Rank them!

Renée Gosline

She fulfilled her grandmother’s dream by attending ‘JFK’s school.’ Now, a college professor is out to defy stereotypes.


Otherhood talks to people who refuse to live within a stereotype. Each of them, in their own way, is trying to help society accept people who don’t fit the status quo.

Bianca Tylek

How a Harvard Law student learned to tell her own story


Sometimes it can feel like children of immigrants in the United States have a duty to be grateful. But Bianca Tylek felt she had to speak out — after the public defacement of black faculty portraits at Harvard Law.