Russia-Georgia conflict

The World

Leading up to today’s meeting, some European leaders will calling for sanctions against Russia, which could’ve included barring Russia from organizations like the G8 or World Trade Organization. Today the French President, Sarkozy, announced the E.U. condemned Russia’s actions in Georgia and will supply Georgia with financial, economic, and humanitarian aid. Europe’s announcement comes at a delicate moment, and Russia might cut off gas supplies to Europe, a retaliation which would hit Germany hardest. Germany’s Chancellor said the wise path is for the E.U. to maintain normal ties with Russia. Several new E.U. members, such as Poland, tried to leave the doors open for a deep freeze towards Russia. Given the more moderate consensus that emerged in Europe today, it’s unlikely Russia will take extremely drastic actioAn. There was some solace for Georgian leadership today, as the E.U. announced more aid for Georgia today.

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