Rebuilding Zimbabwe

The World

A baby girl born today in Zimbabwe has a life expectancy of 34 years, the lowest in the world. Inflation is about 1500%, unemployment is 80%. It wasn’t always like this. In the 1980s, Zimbabwe was known as the bread basket of Africa and was one of the strongest economies. This editor says Zimbabwe still has the capability of being a strong economy, and their mining sector is very healthy, and that is still has an underlying industrial potential, a potential which has international investors excited. This week financial analysts started talking about financial opportunities in Zimbabwe, should the political situation stabilize. That sounds promising but might not be best for the people of Zimbabwe, says this analyst. He says there’s a minimal amount of wealth generated and only a certain amount will benefit the people who are working in the industry. It’s still too early to contemplate any of this, even if Mugabe is removed from power, because the corrupt institutions and people will still remain. This man agrees that massive amounts of aid are not the best option, but sound advice, investment, international trade can help the country. and the international community has been slow to open its markets to Zimbabwe because the EU and US have targeted Zimbabwe with economic sanctions.

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