Persian blogger’s possible arrest

The World

On Monday, an Iranian online newspaper reported Hossein Derakhshan was arrested. That same day the Iran confirmed the story. This Iran watcher says he and others don’t have many details about Derakhshan, but they know Derakhshan was asked to come in for questioning and it’s likely he’s now being held, but no one knows what the exact charges are at this time. This is the latest twist in Derakhshan’s strange story. In 2000 Derakhshan was living in Canada as a student and he started one of the first Persian language blogs. The blog became popular inside and outside Iran, and was critical at times of the Iranian government. But then a couple of years ago, the tenor of Derakhshan’s Persian language blog suddenly changed and he went on a rampage against people who were against the Iranian republic, even reformists. Derakhshan’s peers were mystified. But then recently Derakhshan became an ardent supporter of Iran’s President. So many who want to defend him have been reluctant to because he’s gained so many enemies. The internet is swirling with rumors about Derakhshan’s status and whereabouts.

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