Pakistan says no firm evidence on Mumbai

The World

India is blaming a banned Pakistani military group for the Mumbai attacks, and Indian officials say they have the only surviving gunman in custody and he’s a young Pakistani man. U.S. and British officials say the Mumbai attacks are clearly linked to Pakistan, but none of this so far is convincing to Pakistan’s President. In the meantime though, he says the investigation is ongoing and Pakistan is willing to help but India has yet to respond to that offer. Pakistan has made some arrests including the head of a charity group that is said to be a front for the militant group. Pakistan’s President says that arrest does not show a connection between Pakistan and the Mumbai attacks. U.S. officials say the Mumbai attacks should be a wakeup call for Pakistan to crackdown on terrorists on his soil, but this analyst says the Pakistani President’s comments show that it will be business as usual in regards to counterterrorism in Pakistan. The Pakistani President says Pakistan is cracking down on terrorists within their country, but this analyst says cracking down on groups near the Afghan border is very different than cracking down on groups like the one being blamed for the Mumbai attacks.

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