Kashmir conflict

A woman in a red pheran stands holding an image of a woman in a red pheran

Finding resistance in fashion, Kashmiri creator turns to the pheran

Conflict & Justice

British Kashmiri writer Sumaya Teli is using the pheran, a traditional piece of Kashmiri clothing, to bring awareness to the situation in Kashmir. 

A Kashmiri woman walks on a deserted road in Srinagar.

One month after crackdown, protests continue in Kashmir

Trader displays sari with image of modi with his military tanks

As elections loom, India’s Modi vows to end terrorism in Kashmir — with more military force

People chant slogans as they burn an effigy

Kashmir: India and Pakistan’s escalating conflict will benefit Narendra Modi ahead of elections

Wounded man in India

Tensions between India and Pakistan in Kashmir lead to ‘worst violence in a decade’


India trying to get Hindus to move back to contested Kashmir

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India and Pakistan have long jostled for control of the Kashmir region along the border of their two countries. That jostling has also led to religious violence, which drove many Hindus out of Kashmir. But now India is encouraging them to come back.

Who trained the Mumbai terrorists

Indian investigators say the Mumbai attackers had months of training by an Islamist group based in Pakistan.

Hindus Moving Back to the Kashmir Valley

Arts, Culture & Media

Religious and political violence nearly drove the entire Hindu minority away from the region, but some of those migrants are now returning, thanks to a new program by the Indian government.

British Politician Offers $10 Million Bounty for the Capture of Obama and Bush

Washington recently announced it was offering a reward of $10 million for information that would lead to the arrest of Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, founder of the Lashkar-e-Taiba group who are widely suspected of organising the 2008 Mumbai attacks in which 166 people died. That has drawn a counter offer: a bounty of $10 million for […]

Deadly Blast In Delhi

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A bomb in the Indian capital has killed 11 people. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called it a “cowardly act of a terrorist nature”.