Obama finds support in European right

The World

In the U.K., about one in three conservative MPs have come out publicly in support of Obama, but this MP says the number is actually much higher but most are afraid to admit of their support publicly. They’re excited about the opportunity for something different with regards to U.S. foreign policy, or to how it’s carried out. The MP says Obama would be better at repairing international relationships and given the importance of the U.S. in the world, it needs to engage more successfully. Europeans have resented George Bush’s go-it-alone attitude with things like the build up to the war in Iraq and treatment of terrorist suspects. The leader of this conservative party in Spain says the burden of this baggage means McCain can’t win because he’s from the same party as Bush. �McCain the Maverick� simply doesn’t fly in Europe’s right or left, nor do his attempts to paint Obama as some sort of Socialist. This German newspaper editor says that Europeans, even conservatives, believe in a state that provides for national defense, free health care, education and even the environment, so it’s not a surprise that they’d support Obama. And Republicans’ views on social issues sometimes strike European conservatives as extreme.

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