Kosovo’s economic troubles

The World

In this small factory, about a dozen young men are busy making one of the few products made in Kosovo that people in other countries want: insulated windows and doors. They’d like to produce more but every day their power is cut. And once those windows are made, getting them out can be a hassle because the country is land locked and lacks highways. These infrastructure problems are hampering Kosovo’s economy and the country needs to develop. Currently the country relies on aid and remittances from Kosovar citizens abroad. This Kosovo official says his country currently has the highest unemployment and poverty numbers in the region. There is a positive buzz here as many Kosovars feel independence may solve their problems. Resolving Kosovo’s unsettled status will help the economy and a plan to privatize companies is paying dividends. Exhibit A that every official likes to talk about is this nickel producing factory which now employs more than 1,000 companies, but this official from the company talks about all the help they got from international investors. Kosovo’s Economic Minister says his country is open for business. Kosovo hopes Europe will come knocking and integration with Europe is at the top of the country’s order. The big question hovering over this is what the Serbs will do and many worry Serbia will try to do enough to prevent investment. If concerns about instability persists, then the country’s aspirations for democracy and stability could fall short.

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