Jailed blogger in Egypt

The World

The campaign is called Flood the Jail with Mail, and the idea is as simple as it sounds. Two groups are asking supporters to send Kareem Amer mail in his prison in Egypt. This man is one of the campaign organizers and he says Kareem Amer is going to love getting the mail. Snail mail has already proven a good way to reach the blogger, having received thousands of letters already. This Egyptian human rights researcher says there’s indication that fellow prisoners have beaten up Kareem Amer and he’s spent time in isolation. Kareem Amer split the Egyptian blogging community, some of whom felt Kareem Amer went too far in his criticism of Islam and that he deserves to be in jail, but that’s not how the people at the Free Kareem Amer Coalition feels. This human rights researcher thinks the Flood the Jail With Mail campaign is a good idea. He’s skeptical that a deluge of mail will help win Kareem Amer’s release any time soon.

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