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The three guys behind the hoopshype curtain are Spanish and all twenty-somethings, and this creator says he lives and breathes basketball. He seems to walk the walk: he listens to the Beastie Boys and wears Nike high tops. The story of how three Spanish hoops fans became the go-to guys for NBA news online involves luck, business savvy and experience. That man was already a writer at an important Spanish basketball magazine and had developed a lot of contacts. But still he says for a long time the hoopshype team liked being anonymous. Underscoring the point, one of the other founders is in Argentina but has excellent contact with his collaborators in Spain. Together, the two enlisted the help of a staple of American writers, including some legends, like Sam Smith. Last year hoopshype was bought out by another fantasy sports giant. Hoopshype has its hand filled already but the Olympic competition will make things even more busy. Their prediction is the US will win, but it won’t be easy. They think Spain will take the Silver and says the Chinese are weak overall, despite a few talented players.

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