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Musician Dan Zanes once fronted a 1980s rock band called “The Del Fuegos.” It had a Spanish name, but the songs were in English and Zanes didn’t speak Spanish himself. Fast forward a couple of decades. Now Dan Zanes is out with a new CD … entirely in Spanish. It’s called “Dan Zanes and Friends — Nueva York!” And here’s a quick sample from the album.

MULLINS: Dan Zanes is it really true that you did not speak Spanish before you started this album?

ZANES: Well I began taking lessons in New York and my Spanish teacher was really the person, when I mentioned the idea, he said you can do it and I’ll help you. And he did.

MULLINS: What was the idea?

ZANES: Three years ago I went out to Iowa and because of meat packing jobs some towns had become 30% Mexican. That’s an incredible shift in the make up of these communities and I saw how some of the towns dealt with it. It went from terror, suspicion, and fear to celebrations. I just didn’t want to miss out on the party.

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