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For today’s Geo Quiz — we’re searching for the birthplace of the last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra.

Cleopatra: wikipedia: John William WaterhouseCleopatra: wikipedia: John William Waterhouse

Today this seaport is Egypt’s second largest city, and the home of 4 million people. It served as Egypt’s capital for nearly a thousand years until the Muslim conquest in 641 AD. Zahi Hawass, Egypt’s chief archaeologist has spent decades unraveling the mysteries surrounding in city.

“You know it’s a beautiful city built by Alexander the Great, and was divided into five quarters. And the harbor was very important because near the harbor built the beautiful library that was like an important place for knowledge in the Mediterranean.”

Archaeologists, including Hawass, have long been searching the locale for remnants of its past. Now some golden mummies have turned up, and some coins with Cleopatra’s image. Historians say the artifacts suggest the royal tomb of Antony and Cleopatra may be nearby.

If so it could be one of the most important discoveries of the century. We’ll dig deeper into this theory with Egypt’s chief archaeologist. But first Zahi Hawass will name this city at the edge of the Mediterranean. And he’s not staying mum long.

“The city is Alexandria.”

We asked Zahi Hawass why, after a search that’s lasted thousands of years, archaeologists say they may finally be honing in on the tomb of the ill-fated pair.

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