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Mahraganat artists in Egypt are defining hip-hop culture, despite government crackdowns

Planet Hip Hop

Hip-hop has taken root in Egypt. Authorities are trying to suppress it. But the raw power of the music may be unstoppable. Yasmine el Rashidi, author of “Laughter in the Dark: Egypt to the Tune of Change,” tells host Marco Werman how young Egyptians are pushing hip-hop to the limit.

Government officials, wearing protective masks, stand next to a plane

US deportation flights risk spreading coronavirus globally

A relative of one of the victims reacts after a church explosion in Tanta, Egypt.

ISIS claims responsibility for the deadly Palm Sunday church bombings in Egypt

The families of former Afghan interpreters Janis Shanwari and Ajmal Faqiri gather for a holiday lunch on Thursday.

Two Afghan interpreters, targeted for helping the US military, finally make it to America


Climate change denial organizations funded in secret by wealthy conservatives


Tensions boil as Egypt votes on new constitution

Egyptians over the weekend cast ballots in a two-part referendum on its proposed new constitution. But protests, meanwhile continue, with protesters for and against the constitution taking to the street. It’s gotten to the point where business officials say its cutting into their profits.

Egypt struggling to find agreement on new constitution

Egypt’s efforts to forge a new constitution have largely been stymied to date. The first version was thrown out by the courts as not reflective of the country’s diversity. Now, a new assembly is trying to write a new one, but encountering resistance from Egyptians who don’t like what’s in this latest document.

Egypt’s Christians take advantage of Ramadan quiet to visit local beaches

With the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in full swing, Egypt is particularly quiet during the day time. That’s given Egypt’s Christians time to have the country’s beaches to themselves.

Historic CIA rendition case back in lime light with appeal

Global Politics

A former CIA operative is appealing her conviction in absentia in Italian court for the role she played — or didn’t play, she says — in the extraordinary rendition of Abu Omar from Italy to Egypt, where he says he was tortured.

Coptic Christians fearful for what an Islamist Egypt will mean for them

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As the democratic process in Egypt winds up, Coptic Christians find themselves facing a number of restrictions and proclamations that would leave them with fewer rights than they already have. They’re worried that the newly empowered Islamists will force them to pay special taxes or wear veils not called for by their religion.