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Today’s Geo Quiz is about chocolate.

It’s chocolate in Spanish and chocolat in French. You get the idea, chocolate is global. Now it wouldn’t be fair to ask where the best chocolate comes from? Too subjective.

But which country, we’re wondering, consumes the most chocolate? Is it the country that grows the most cacao, the key ingredient in all that sweet stuff?


Nor is it the United States — even though we Americans consume billions of pounds of chocolate each year.

Switzerland is the country that consumes the most chocolate — 22 pounds of chocolate per person per year. The search for the best-tasting chocolate is an entirely different matter.

The Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps: Associated PressThe Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps: Associated Press

And what’s most important when it comes to taste? Is it the country where the beans were grown? Or is it the chocolate-maker that counts?

Lonny Shavelson went to a chocolate tasting club in Berkeley, California, to investigate.

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