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To warmer climes now. It’s 80 degrees in the shade in the city we’re headed to for today’s Geo Quiz.

The shade is not what most visitors come to this Jamaican city for, by the way. A couple of nearby beaches are more like it.


This capital city faces a natural harbor that has seen pirate ships, English war ships, and ships loaded with African slaves.

Today, it’s not only the largest city in Jamaica…it’s the largest English-speaking city in the western hemisphere south of the United States.

To really speak the language here, it helps to know the difference between Reggae, Dub, and Ska.

We’ll answer today’s Geo Quiz here…

Good vibrations from the answer to today’s Geo Quiz.

And that answer is Kingston, Jamaica.

It was in Kingston that a cemetery of more than 300 graves was restored this month.

Buried there are some of Jamaica’s first settlers: European Jews.

The World’s Marco Werman reports.

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