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G20 means something totally different in the place we want you to identify.

It’s a zipcode – or a ‘postcode’ in this part of the world.

This postcode identifies an inner-city area that’s been hit hard by the global economic downturn.

Unemployment, poverty and shuttered shops are the norm in this part of town.

And a recent rise in prices has only made things worse for the people that live there.

The area in question isn’t in the developing world.

In fact, it’s not so far from London, where the political G20 is gathering.

So – locate the postcode G20, if you can….

The search for spiritual value isn’t limited to those who practise yoga, it seems.

Today British Prime Minister Gordon Brown spoke to religious and charity leaders at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

Speaking in advance of the G20 Summit – which will take place in London on Thursday – Brown said that a new global financial system needs to be founded on a particular set of virtues.

“The virtues that all of us here admire most and the virtues that make society flourish, hard work, taking responsibility, being honest, being enterprising, being fair. These are not the values that spring from the market, these are the values we bring to the market. They don’t come from market forces, they come from our hearts. And they are the values nurtured in families and in schools, in our shared institutions and in our neighborhoods.”

That’s British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

One neighborhood that might be looking for help from the G20 Summit is the poverty-stricken inner-city area that has ‘G20’ as its zipcode.

The area is Maryhill, part of the Scottish city of Glasgow. And Maryhill is the answer to today’s Geo Quiz.

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