International economics

Taxes for the rich, equality for the rest, says economist

Economist Jeffery Sachs says that more equality is the best way forward for the US economy.

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde prepares to host a news conference at the Treasury, in London June 6, 2014. IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde ruled herself out of the running for the job of European Commission president on Friday.

IMF chief Christine Lagarde is a powerful force on the global stage

Global Politics
Supplies of food and other basic products have been patchy in recent months in Caracas, Venezuela. The situation has spawned jokes among Venezuelans, particularly over the lack of toilet paper.

In Venezuela, ‘la revolucion’ has turned into ‘la crisis’

U.S. agricultural industry hopes immigration reform fixes worker predicament

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U.S. H1-B visa program may help companies outsource, offshore jobs

Global Politics

Columbia economist says to save our country, economy, we need to hike taxes

A New York economist says in order to get our country back on the right track, we need to raise taxes and get the government spending money on the sorts of things that will propel us into the future. And it needs to do with a comprehensive plan.

The Tavis Smiley Show’s “Poverty in America” – Children and Education

16.5 million American children live in poverty. That’s more than any other first-world nation.

US Senate bill could spark a trade war with China

A proposed bill before the US Senate puts duties on goods from China that the US deems artificially cheap — China says passage of the bill would trigger a trade war.

Greece tries to pass austerity measures, citizens aren’t happy

Many Greeks aren’t buying the government’s argument for more financial sacrifice. Some are talking about defaulting on loans and pulling out of the EU generally.

Farmer says hiring American workers a big mistake

John Harold hired jobless Americans to help on his farm, and says they proved to be less reliable and less willing to perform the hard work than foreign workers.