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For today’s Geo Quiz — we’re searching for Kryptops palaios.

Kryptops palaios is the name scientists are using to describe a new kind of dinosaur. This feroucios meat-eating creature is thought to have lived in the region called Gondwana.

That’s the super-landmass that formed some 500 million years ago. It included the landmasses that later became South America, Africa, India, Australia and Antarctica… all balled into one. Kryptops was a creature of Gondwana.

It roamed an area that is today called the “great desert.” Actually it’s the world’s second largest desert….and we want you to name it.

Kryptops’s fossilized bones were discovered at the edge of this African desert … in the valley of what is now the Niger River.

Ready for the answer?

The Sahara Desert is the answer we were looking for to today’s Geo Quiz. The “Great Desert” or the world’s largest hot desert, is comparatively smaller than Antarctica, considered a cold desert.

The fossils of two new dinosaurs were recovered from a region of the Sahara Desert, specifically the Elrhaz Formation along the western edge of the Tenere Desert in Niger in a place known as “Gadoufaoua”.

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