An Emperor penguin jumps out of the water.

With global warming, Emperor penguins will ‘have no place to breed’ says researcher

Climate Change

A new study says if global warming continues at its current rate, more than 80% of Emperor penguin colonies will be gone in the next 80 years. Phil Trathan, who co-authored the study, joined The World’s host Marco Werman to discuss the plight of penguins.

Penguins stand on ice in Antarctica.

Emperor Penguins could march to extinction if nations fail to halt climate change

A tent stands on Antarctica’s sea ice.

Antarctic robot might lead way to life beyond Earth

Joee Patterson is shown with her arms outstretched while wearing sunglasses and a red safety vest.

For this marine tech, Antarctica’s Thwaites Glacier drives home threat of climate change

A ma in a bright orange suit holds his left arm in the air as an elephant seal opens its mouth to bellow.

These high-tech seals are charting future sea level rise

Headline reads, "How can a seal track climate change?" with an animated elephant seal

How can a seal track climate change?

Scientists are using deep-diving seals to measure a band of warm water in Antarctica that is melting glaciers.


On a journey to Antarctica, a New Orleans chef awakens to the threat of melting ice

New Orleans native Jack Gilmore brought spicy hometown dishes like étouffée and gumbo to the menu aboard a scientific research ship. But he also learned what the warming of Antarctica might mean for his beloved city.

Woman wearing overalls and sunglasses holds and ax with both hands while looking at the camera.

‘Hi, I want a job in Antarctica’: Meet the first female researchers to blaze the path

In the spring of 1969, 19-year-old Terry Tickhill Terrell walked into the Institute of Polar Studies at OSU and told the secretary, “Hi, I want a job in Antarctica.”

The front of the Nathaniel B. Palmer ship is shown at the bottom of the photo breaking through ice floes.

Antarctica Dispatch 9: Thoughts on climate change and returning home

The researchers aboard the Nathaniel B. Palmer are excited to return home after spending weeks studying Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica. While the comfort of their own beds await, there’s also the important work of writing up their research findings.

Researchers aboard the Nathanial B. Palmer gather on the ship’s bridge to view one of the first icebergs they encountered.

Antarctica Dispatch 3: The ship’s first encounters with icebergs

The World’s Carolyn Beeler is on a ship bound for Antarctica on an expedition looking into the fate of one of the frozen continent’s biggest glaciers. What they learn could tell us a lot about how quickly sea levels around the world will rise.