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We’re serving up a starchy treat in the Geo Quiz. we’re looking for a Canadian city that claims to be the birthplace of poutine.

That’s a unique little dish that combines French fries, cheese curds and gravy. Poutine was born in Quebec. Exactly where in Quebec is not certain.

But the city we’re looking for also holds an annual “Festival de la Poutine.” The city is east of Montreal and on the Saint-Francois River.

Saint Francois RiverSaint Francois River

The poutine festival there starts today and lasts all weekend. The 60,000 plus residents will be stuffing themselves with poutine. Well, maybe not all the residents.

If they did, there could be a serious health crisis in the city…. poutine can certainly harden the arteries. So what’s the name of this Quebecois city known for its poutine?

So, looking for poutine? Have we got a place for you!

A French-Canadian city is kicking of its annual Festival de la Poutine today.

This is the city we were looking for in today’s Geo Quiz.

The answer is Drummondville, in Quebec.

Robert Rutledge created a website dedicated to this Quebecois dish — French fries topped with gravy and cheese… yum.

Oh, by the way Robert Rutledge is a professor of astronomy by day and a poutine connoisseur by night.

Marco Werman talked with him:

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