Britain opens UFO files

The World

The Ministry of Defense made public eight secret files on UFOs after a Freedom of Information Act request; the files contain multiple sightings. One sighting was from this woman who with some neighbors saw some strange images in the sky a few years ago. Oddly, none of those pictures turned up in the files but the statements of the police did, including a sketch by one of the policemen of what he saw�a saucer-shaped spacecraft. This doctor submitted the request for the info release and he did so because he felt the British government’s silence on the topic was breeding all kinds of crazy conspiracy theories. But he says now there’s nothing that shows the government knows anything more about UFOs than the public. He says the sightings are mostly easily explained. But a tantalizing minority of the cases defy explanation. And that’s why this UFO analyst believes the British government is still holding back and he says the cover up can’t go on forever.

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