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Bailouts, bribes and insider trading

Here’s what the world’s most successful business looked like 300 years ago.

Norway gets its power from the moon : Business Insider

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Greece versus Germany: The two countries go head to head off the soccer field

Cowpocalypse: Prepare for the largest-ever drop in livestock herds


5 fracking facts that are beyond question

Italians are turning to the black market for cheap gas

With costs of roughly $118 to fill one tank of gas, many desperate Italians are looking to illicit sources for their fuel.

Professor predicts war between China and Japan


Australian Professor Hugh White predicts a war between China and Japan, with inevitable US involvement, within the coming year.

Obama’s EU free trade agreement would mean higher heating costs for Americans


Increased demand for natural gas would drive up prices, making it more expensive for Americans to heat their homes.

German man caught allegedly trying to smuggle gold and silver out of Greece

Meanwhile, Greece prepares to demand World War II reparations.

The UK is sitting on twice as much shale gas than anyone previously thought

According to new British Geological Survey study, the United Kingdom could be home to as much as 2,300 trillion cubic feet of shale gas.