Rebecca Collard

Rebecca Collard is a freelance journalist based in Beirut.

Rebecca Collard is a freelance journalist based in Beirut.

A sticker reads “Impeachment Now!” with a photo of Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu with a bloody hand on his face

Israelis answer ‘battle cry’ to return to anti-government protests

Israel-Hamas war

After Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack, anti-government protests in Israel quieted, but Israelis are back in the streets, saying their message is more important than ever.

A wall map showcasing houses and camel and papered time periods

Amid war and large-scale displacement in Gaza, Israeli settlers plan their return

Israel-Hamas war
Empty alleyway and two blue doors

Christmas is canceled in Bethlehem

Global Security
American Village entrance gates on the outskirts of Erbil, Iraq, the Kurdish defacto capital.

Kurds grapple with US troop drawdown in Iraq

The Jaffar Mosque in the Daretu neighborhood of Erbil in 2015 where Imam Shawan preached before he left to join ISIS. 

In the wake of ISIS, Kurdish authorities are controlling religious messaging

Sacred Nation
The outside of an old Jewish home in Mosul.

Signs of a forgotten Jewish past in Mosul

Sacred Nation

As Mosul rebuilds, historian Omar Mohammed is trying to preserve the city’s Jewish heritage.

Iraqi Christian children prepare for their First Communion in Bartella.

One of Iraq’s oldest Christian communities struggles with religious diversity

Sacred Nation

Some say the Christian identity of the Iraqi town of Bartella is at stake, while others say they embrace the diversity.

In a church about a mile from Beirut’s port, Sunday mass occurs with just a few dozen worshipers in the massive hall.

Beirut blast one year later: No justice, no hope

Conflict & Justice

A year after a blast in Beirut killed more than 200 people and destroyed swathes of the city, no one has been held accountable as the country sinks deeper into crisis.

Lebanese army soldiers deploy on Lebanon's side of the Lebanese-Israeli border in the southern village of Kfar Kila

Lebanon’s financial crisis is so bad that soldiers can’t feed their families


A Lebanese general recently warned that the crisis could “lead to the collapse of all state institutions,” including the army.

Three women health care workers in uniform, wearing headscarves and masks, stand and listen among a crowd of medical workers.

‘Sometimes I feel like I betrayed my country’: Lebanon’s doctors are leaving in droves

Amid the pandemic and economic meltdown, doctors in Lebanon are lured away by the hope of better salaries — and a future. An estimated 1,000 medical professionals have left since the August blast.