Julie Grant

Shale gas pipes

Fracking is on the rise in Pennsylvania. So are radon levels. Are the two connected?


Pennsylvania homes have high levels of radon, a substantial risk factor for lung cancer. Is the fracking boom makings matters worse? Scientists aren’t quite sure.

Farming in PA

Wild swings in the weather mean that some farm crops will flourish, while others struggle

Clairton Coke Work

Residents sue US Steel over air pollution in Western Pennsylvania

This is a view of vineyards on Seneca Lake in New York.

The war over wine, water and fuel in New York’s Finger Lakes

Mick Luber, Ohio

Natural gas companies are using hardball tactics to expand their network of pipelines

Teach climate rally

Politics and lack of teacher training are keeping climate science out of US classrooms


Young people will need to understand climate change to make informed decisions in the future. But in many school districts in the US, students receive little or no scientific information about it. Teachers who do try to bring climate science into the classroom can find themselves in trouble.

Monarch close up

Two environmental groups sue on behalf of the monarch butterfly


The steep decline in the North American Monarch butterfly population has won this beautiful and popular creature its day in court.

New EPA legislation will require that school buses shut down their engines after 5 minutes of idling. Some newer buses automatically turn off after a few minutes of idling.

School bus pollution is dangerous, and efforts to control it are still uneven


Exhaust from diesel fuel contains thousands of chemicals and more than 40 toxic air contaminants. That’s especially dangerous for children who ride diesel-fueled school buses and wait in line among their fumes. But while efforts to cut down pollution are working, more enforcement is still needed.

PA gas pipeline

A proposed Ohio gas pipeline is raising safety and property rights concerns for landowners in Ohio


Believe it or not, the Keystone XL pipeline is not the only pipeline in North America. Pipelines that carry natural gas from wells to refineries stretch hundreds of miles in the US, crossing public and private land. Many of these pipelines are planned for densely populated areas, and in some states, local opposition has been fierce.

Pipeline Raises Safety and Property Rights Concerns for Landowners

Pipelines that carry natural gas from well to refinery stretch hundreds of miles in the US, crossing public and private land. But as the Allegheny Fronts Julie Grant reports, landowners who learned that the proposed Nexus pipeline from southeast Ohio to Canada was to run across their property and carried risks of explosion, they banded together to protect their safety and property rights.