Dudley Althaus


Dudley Althaus was GlobalPost's senior correspondent for Mexico and Central America, based in Mexico City. Althaus has reported on Mexico and Latin America, mostly for Texas newspapers, for nearly all his three decades as a journalist. He's covered everything from drug war mayhem and political intrigue to environmental threats and energy industry investment. At a time when politicos and pundits are lauding "Mexico's moment," Althaus' coverage is infused with his deep experience.

How Colorado and Washington could end Mexico’s drug war


Tuesday’s marijuana legalization votes could spark a movement that stems a key revenue stream for drug cartels.

US weapons help fuel Mexican gang violence

In Sandy Hook’s wake, Mexico ponders school safety

Drug war rages on the edge of Mexico City


Can vigilante justice save Mexico?


Mexico drug war disappearances laid bare


Washington has sunk nearly $2 billion in aid and training for Mexico’s security forces that are accused of “disappearing” civilians.

Mexico: Hope grows for the missing


As the drug war grinds on, families of the disappeared hold guarded optimism the new government will act.

Does Pope Francis jibe with a shifting Latin America?


Cardinals reached outside the Vatican’s box in electing Argentine Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio. But Pope Francis hardly fits the mold here.

Mexico’s president meets his match: teachers


Analysis: Teachers’ unrest and new cracks in the uneasy alliance supporting the government’s reforms agenda mean hard days ahead for Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Mexico gets its mummies back


After a hapless, perhaps profitless roadshow through the United States, the spooky mummies of Guanajuato are home again.