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The company man: US glacial response to Nigeria’s detention of former IRS crypto investigator rankles federal agents


In a move that could send a chill among business people working overseas, a Nigerian court ruled on Friday that a former American IRS investigator, Tigran Gambaryan, could stand trial on behalf of his employer, the crypto currency exchange Binance, and denied his request for bail. Gambaryan has been held in Nigeria since February. Dina Temple-Raston, host and managing editor of the Recorded Future News podcast “Click Here,” has been following the story for months and explains.

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Inside the i-Soon papers and China’s secret world of hackers-for-hire

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Spyware found on phones in Jordan

Inside of a computer

Countries fear state-sponsored cyberwar

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Threat-hunter says Iran is stepping up the sophistication of its cyberattacks

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China’s dominant role in producing hacking bugs

Global Security

The art of hacking has become stealthier and smarter over the years. Chinese hackers can hide the code they use to infiltrate systems worldwide. These include vulnerabilities that attackers can use to sneak into a computer network. Exploits allow them to start stealing data once they are inside. “Click Here’s” Dina Temple-Raston reports on how they can do this.

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Holding Russia accountable for war crimes

Conflict & Justice

In wartime, it is rare that people are held accountable for the crimes they commit. Sometimes justice takes decades, or it never comes. But cell phones and city surveillance videos mean that atrocities can be caught on cameras. Dina Temple-Raston, the host of the podcast, “Click Here,” reports that Ukrainian officials are working with the International Criminal Court to collect the data and file cases so those who commit war crimes don’t go free.

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When the phones go dead in Gaza

Israel-Hamas war

Communication blackouts have become common since the start of the war in Gaza. Without phones, people can’t call for an ambulance or let their families know they are alive. It hampers aid workers. But Dina Temple-Raston, the host of the podcast “Click Here,” reports that one man has found a workaround.

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Saving Ukraine’s cultural heritage with a click


Since the beginning of Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine, Moscow has been bombing uniquely Ukrainian cultural sites. Preservationists are using “photogrammetry” — the act of deriving precise measurements from taking overlapping photos and rendering them in three dimensions. Dina Temple-Raston, the host of “Click Here,” was recently in Ukraine and met those working to preserve the country’s heritage — on their phones.

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Exclusive: Inside Ukraine’s secret drone factories


The “Click Here” podcast traveled to Ukraine to look at its grassroots defense industry and take you into its secret drone factories where entrepreneurs are able to put innovative weapons into the hands of soldiers at the front in a matter of weeks, not months.