Out of Eden Walk: Walking Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor 

Out of Eden Walk

Afghanistan’s wild and mountainous Wakhan Corridor is an isolated region, home to the rare snow leopard and to a human culture that has gone unchanged for centuries. People still get their flour for baking from water-powered grist mills. Host Marco Werman speaks with National Geographic Explorer Paul Salopek, about his trek through this rugged alpine wilderness.

This club in the Netherlands offers a much-needed break from technology


To prepare for college in the US, some South Korean students receive an international education close to home 

‘We are struggling’: Malawi’s farmers hit hard by fertilizer prices

Women fight for respect in Japan’s sumo rings 

Japan in Focus

Mexico City’s bike culture is thriving


Mexico City is the biggest city in North America, and like most big cities, it has a lot of cars and traffic. Yet, over the past 30 years, it’s gone from being considered the most polluted city in the world to ranking 999th among global cities for air pollution. A small part of that has been taming traffic and the development of a robust bicycling culture. John Burnett reports from Mexico City.

‘It’s a lifelong injury’: From Gaza to Doha, children bear the scars of war 

Israel-Hamas war

An estimated 17,000 kids have lost or been separated from their parents in Gaza, according to UNICEF. At least 3,000 have suffered a limb amputation. The small Gulf nation of Qatar has taken in more than 1,600 Palestinians in recent months, including dozens of injured children.

Meet the guy who single-handedly took down North Korea’s internet


A US-based cyber security expert gets hacked by North Korea. He then hacks back and takes out the entire country’s limited internet for nine years. We get the story from Dina Temple-Raston of the podcast Click Here.

A visit to an all-fungi restaurant in Mexico City


Mexico has a long history of mushroom cultivation and consumption since pre-Hispanic times. But for a long time, those traditions were dismissed and forgotten. Now, the country is rediscovering recipes and methods for cultivating, eating and preserving wild mushrooms.

Rising temperatures in India are pushing those who have to be outdoors to adapt to a new reality

Climate Change

Unprecedented temperatures have struck large parts of northern and central India for weeks, killing dozens of people and unleashing a public health crisis.