As Haiti teeters, the US government resumes deportations

Conflict & Justice

The United Nations has described the current state of government and society in Haiti as “cataclysmic,” as armed gangs have seized control of much of the country. Haiti has managed to create a transitional council of former and current officials, religious leaders, and at least one businessman, to chart a course toward government stability and elections. Despite the dangerous situation, the Biden administration has resumed deportations of undocumented Haitians from the United States. The World’s Carol Hills talks with Harold Isaac, an independent reporter in Haiti, about what’s happening.

US urges restraint and deescalation as Israel and Iran trade attacks

Israel-Hamas war

The largest election in the world begins in India


Out of Eden Walk: Walking Across Anatolia

Out of Eden Walk
Three people cross a ravine as they walk through a forest with water bottles and backpacks.

‘I’ll go for the American dream’: After struggling to get legal status in Colombia, many Venezuelan migrants are heading to the US

payment screen with options for credit, debit and Pix

Brazil’s innovative Pix banking system is replacing cash and credit cards

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PIX is a three-year-old system developed by the Brazilian Central Bank that has revolutionized how Brazilians pay for things. It’s like sending an instant wire transfer through the banking app on your phone with the click of a button, and no fees. Michael Fox reports from Florianópolis, Brazil, on how the banking app has changed Brazilian society in just three years.

Migrants say crossing Mexico has become increasingly challenging


Mexican authorities have increased efforts to impede the transit of migrants arriving at the southern US border in response to requests by the Biden administration.

Israelis mark 6 months since attacks in the south of the country

Israel-Hamas war

Hamas’ deadly attacks on southern Israel on Oct. 7, 2023, left about 1,200 people dead, and about 250 taken as hostages. Some of those hostages were released after negotiations with Hamas last November. Most of the world first saw the terrifying videos and images from a music festival where hundreds had gathered for the weekend. Host Marco Werman traveled to the Nova music festival site and two other areas where Hamas struck. 

US National Security Council spokesman on heightened tensions between Iran and Israel: ‘We don’t want to see this conflict widen and deepen’

Israel-Hamas war

US officials say they hope Israel’s tensions with Iran don’t widen and deepen. At the same time, Israel’s military chief now says that his armed forces will respond to Iran’s weekend missile attack. Retired Adm. John Kirby, the spokesman for the National Security Council, talks with host Marco Werman about the role the US will play as its ally Israel decides how to retaliate. 

Ukraine faces artillery and air defense shortages


The country has begun rationing artillery on the front lines as Congress prepares to vote on a stalled military aid package for Ukraine. It’s also increasingly exposed to Russian aerial attacks as it awaits further support from its partners. The World’s Daniel Ofman reports from Riga, Latvia, on how this affects Ukraine’s war efforts and morale.