New book explores the world of unbuilt architecture

In the world of architecture, there are many plans that never actually get built. A new book, “Atlas of Never Built Architecture,” by Greg Goldin and Sam Lubell, is a compendium of buildings, city plans and other structures that were designed, but never actually got off the ground.

How do you save a vanishing lake? Kazakhstan has a plan.


‘They’ve hidden the past from us’: New bill in Honduras seeks to rectify 1980s human rights violations

Human rights

Taiwan’s new president is facing a political minefield

Global Politics

More people are running marathons than ever before. Why?

Lifestyle & Belief

Migrants take to social media to document their risky journey to the US


The Darien jungle, between North and South America, has become one of the main routes for migrants heading to the United States, with more than 520,000 people crossing just last year. Many are now documenting their migration journeys with their phones and posting videos on social media platforms. From Bogota, Manuel Rueda reports.

Surf’s up on Munich’s Eisbach river — the world capital of river surfing

Lifestyle & Belief

It may be hundreds of miles away from any coastline but the Bavarian capital of Munich is home to one of the world’s most iconic — albeit dangerous — waves. The Eisbach wave, which sits on the edge of the Eisbach river, has been attracting wetsuit-wearing surfers since the 1970s.

How AI is helping to recreate childhood memories

What do you do with a cherished memory that has no record — not even a photo or a video?  This Spanish company, Domestic Data Streamers, might help. They’ve harnessed artificial intelligence to turn fading recollections into visual or “synthetic” memories. The end product isn’t quite a photo — or art. But it’s helping people reconnect with their pasts.

Why the US still does not recognize the International Criminal Court

Israel-Hamas war

President Joe Biden calls the International Criminal Court’s plans to seek arrest warrants for the leaders of Israel and Hamas “outrageous.” Since the court was created almost a quarter-century ago, the US has refused to become a state party to the court, even though it helped create it. Host Carolyn Beeler speaks with David Scheffer, former US ambassador at large for war crimes issues and a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Floodwaters in southern Brazil remain a threat​​


Large parts of Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil are still waterlogged three weeks after heavy rains flooded the state. Local and federal governments have promised to rebuild homes and businesses. But people are still digging out and, as Michael Fox reports, more rain is in the forecast.