Trainees work at Snowtex garment factory in Dhamrai, near Dhaka, Bangladesh

‘Just a respite’: Accord to protect Bangladesh’s garment workers gets temporary extension


​​​​​​​A last-minute deal between brands, retailers and unions to extend negotiations for three more months will keep from lapsing an agreement aimed at protecting garment workers’ safety in Bangladesh. It was originally set to expire on May 31.

Man shopping in the produce section of an American grocery store

The behind-the-shelves story of American supermarkets

Women wearing "No Walmart" head bands at a protest outside Walmart India offices in Gurgaon, India.

India’s street vendors are hanging on, but malls and supermarkets are closing in


Painter draws inspiration from Walmart’s shelves

Arts, Culture & Media

Small town in New York reveling in new, community-owned department store

In Bentonville, Wal-Mart bribery scandal not causing too much concern

Bentonville, Ark., is perhaps the best example of the modern company town. Wal-Mart dominates the town. But as Wal-Mart deals with allegations of bribery and cover-ups in its Mexican subsidiary, the scandal hasn’t taken over discussion in the town.

In red China, Walmart leading a green revolution


About a decade ago, as Walmart suffered under increasingly negative publicity, the company set out on an effort to green its reputation — and make money in the process. Now, Walmart is leading a green revolution in China.

Self-service checkouts disappearing from grocery stores, but other places still expanding

As grocery stores look for ways to grab customers, some are dropping the self-service checkouts in favor of a more personal experience. But at other retailers, like Home Depot, there’s no sign of abatement.

Walmart Wins, female workers lose in Supreme Court case

The Supreme Court passed down a decision yesterday in favor of Walmart that could make it much harder for employees to sue companies in the future.

Work at Wal-Mart, earn college credit

The world’s largest retailer is teaming up with an online, for-profit university to offer college credit for on-the-job learning.