Sustainable food system

The cultured chicken dish prepared by chefs at 1880 restaurant was served to customers for the first time this past weekend.

Is Singapore’s approval of lab-grown meat a win for the climate?

The Big Fix

The global market for meat alternatives, which includes cultured and imitation meats, is currently at about $14 billion. But environmentalists doubt some of the claimed benefits.

Iowa farmland loss to development

US lost 11 million acres of farmland to development in past 2 decades

Trash bins full of food

Food waste increases during the pandemic — compounding an existing problem

Grocery meat aisle

Pandemic exposes ‘major vulnerabilities’ in the American food system, says author Michael Pollan


New companies want to deliver ugly produce to your door to help eliminate food waste

A woman samples food from a spoon.

Meet Nigeria’s small but growing vegetarian and vegan community


In Nigeria, many say being a vegetarian is just not … Nigerian. But a tiny, growing group is trying to promote a vegetarian — even vegan — diet.

Olympia Auset looks up at the sky and smiles.

Olympia Auset is tackling systemic racism, one vegetable at a time


“Food is a tool that can be used either for oppression or liberation,” says Auset. SÜPRMARKT, a pop-up grocery store, offers low-cost organic foods in South Los Angeles, an underserved community where food access is deeply tied to structural racism.

young people laugh around a table

Black churches, powerful cultural forces, set their sights on food security


The Baltimore-based Black Church Food Security Network is building a community-centered food system to combat “food apartheid” by connecting black farmers with historically African American churches.

Sujitha (right) and her husband Manu (left) stand in the center of the frame in a portrait photograph.

In Kerala, a push for organic food turns professionals into gardeners


Kerala, India, hosts a highly literate workforce and many people choose to work abroad, so the state used to rely on imported food. When doctors and the public started to blame rising cancer rates on chemical pesticides from this imported food, it kickstarted an urgency to go organic.

How organic food saved a hard-luck, Vermont town

Journalist chronicles how the hard-luck town of Hardwick, Vt., prospered thanks to a local organic food movement, but ironically, residents can’t afford organic food prices.