Stem cells

There may be thousands of kinds of jellyfish that have yet to be discovered, even though thousands have already been identified.

New book sheds light on the amazing capabilities of jellyfish, addresses myths and misperceptions


Jellyfish have been getting a pretty bad rap lately. One author is out to change that with a new book.


In the future we will be making babies from skin cells, an author predicts


Leukemia patient turns to social media to save his own life

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Genetically tailored virus may cure leukemia

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Finding bone marrow for multi-racial children

Fraudulent stem cell claims worry scientists

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Clinics in the U.S. and abroad offering stem cell treatments they inaccurately claim to treat everything from spinal-cord injuries to Parkinson’s disease.

China competes in stem cell research

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Chinese labs don’t have a great reputation in the research community, but new discoveries on stem cells are changing that.

President Obama lifts ban on stem cell funding


Implications for the scientific community of the lifting of the ban on funding for stem cell research.

Stem cell research advances

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With more embryonic stem cell lines released and $21 million in funding earmarked, stem cell research advances.

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Jasper: The Dog Who’s Walking Again After Cell Therapy

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Scientists at the University of Cambridge in England say they have found a way to use a dog’s nose cells to regenerate canine nerve cells, and help reverse paralysis in our four-legged friends.