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‘Out of reach’: Over 40 academic editors leave global publishing company they say overcharged to publish their work

​​​​​​University professors and researchers depend on getting published. So it was considered a bold move when the editors of two prestigious brain journals resigned en masse this month after the publisher refused to lower the fees it charges academics to publish their work.

Sylvia Whitman, proprietor of the English and American literature Shakespeare and Co. bookstore, checks her messages on her phone in Paris, France, Thursday, Nov. 5, 2020.

A new law in France aims to protect indie bookshops against outsized Amazon competition


Special Guest: Sara Nelson

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Arts, Culture & Media
Computer components.

Should artificial intelligence be used in science publishing?


Amazon moves aggressively into world of book publishing

As Amazon pushes harder into the world of book publisher, and not just seller, it’s making the big publishing companies nervous at the same time it reaches out to authors.

New editions of 'Mein Kampf' raise questions

Hitler’s a bestselling author in Germany again. Why?


“Mein Kampf” is back on bookshelves — but that doesn’t mean Germans are nostalgic for Nazi Germany.

The children's section of the Dana Neighborhood Library

A survey of who works in the book industry gives us a clue about why it’s not diverse


The demographics of America are changing. Here’s a clue as to why the books we see on the shelves aren’t changing along with it.

Andrew Miksys self-published an award-winning photography book, "Disko," about Lithuania's Soviet-era dance halls.

Self-published photo books go from last resorts to museum treasures


Self-published is usually seen as a last resort for the rejected author, but don’t tell that to photographers. Self-publishing has become a huge hit for photographers looking to get their work out, and the limited editions are valuable commodities for collectors and even museums.

Coffins of US military personnel are prepared to be offloaded at Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware in this undated photo. From 1991 to 2009, the government did not permit photographing the return of servicemembers killed in action.

Graphic images of war are hard to stomach — but some say they’re necessary


When news outlets decide to publish graphic photos of war and violence, they often face censorship, opposition or anger for doing so. In the wake of the release of ISIS beheading videos, one journalist argues that there is value in bearing witness to war, even its ugliest parts.