oil and gas platform surrounded by water

Norway becomes top gas supplier to Europe after Russia invasion


Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine upended energy markets and sent prices through the roof. As Europe weaned itself off of Russian fuels, it turned to Norway. The country is now the largest exporter of natural gas to Europe.

A motorcyclists watches as an employee of a fuel stationin fills petrol, in Mumbai, India

India, China growing markets for shunned Russian oil

Ghana has been producing commercial oil since 2010.

As global oil prices surge, some African countries may see a silver lining

Protestors hold up signs at a rally against a proposed Kinder Morgan oil pipeline expansion on Burnaby Mountain in 2014 in British Columbia. In late May, the Canadian government announced it would fund an expansion project for the Kinder Morgan Trans Moun

With pipeline decision, Canada’s Trudeau draws ire of environmental supporters

A gas flare is seen in the background with the Iranian flag flying in the wind in the foreground.

European refiners winding down purchases of Iranian oil

"Water is Life"

In Canada, a pipeline environmental engineer protests her former company’s tar sands plan


Romilly Cavanaugh once worked as an environmental pipeline engineer for Trans Mountain, a unit of Kinder Morgan that’s now trying to expand a Canadian tar sands oil pipeline. But in March she joined 200 protestors trying to block pipeline construction. She now awaits trial for criminal contempt of court.

Demonstrators against the Dakota Access oil pipeline block a road near North Dakota's Standing Rock Reservation in October. The pipeline would cross historic Native land and pass under the Missouri River, the source of the local water supply.

It’s not just about a pipeline. Native activists say Dakota battle is their biggest stand in decades.


Clashes over an oil pipeline slated to cross historic Native territory in North Dakota continue after more the 140 people were arrested in protests last week. The increasingly high-stakes face-off is one of the biggest actions by Native Americans in years.

"Kayaktivists" demonstrate in Seattle's Elliot Bay against the arrival last month of the Shell's massive Polar Pioneer oil rig, rising behind them above the city's waterfront. Shell is using Seattle as a staging area for its new offshore drilling operatio

The road to Arctic oil drilling runs through Seattle. People there are trying to block it.


President Obama has given Shell the green light to drill for oil in the Arctic Ocean, but activists and politicians in Seattle are throwing up as many stop signs as they can as the drilling rig preps there for its journey north. It’s the latest flashpoint in the growing international anti-fossil fuel movement.

A work boat passes an oiled marshland one year after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in Bay Jimmy near Myrtle Grove, Louisiana.

Five years later, the Gulf of Mexico is still recovering from Deepwater Horizon


Things are getting better as oil and toxins from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon spill dissipate in the Gulf of Mexico — but slowly. Scientists researching the area say no one can be sure when the “pervasive” chemicals will finally disappear.

Under the new federal fracking rules, wastewater must be managed onsite and in closed tanks, not in the open pits seen here.

Fracking is about to change, and almost no one is happy about it


The Obama administration has announced new regulations on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, on federal lands. But while the oil and gas industry is predictably upset about the new rules, environmentalists think the government needs to do more.