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Brown arches naturally formed from stone in Arches National Park

Under Biden, US Interior Department will undergo a major directional shift

Biden administration

After four years in pursuit of extraction at the expense of conservation, the Interior Department will overhaul how it manages federal public lands and relates to Native Americans.

Joshua Tree night sky

National parks and public lands suffer during US government shutdown

the grand canyon in the US

Top Interior officials ordered parks to end science policy, emails show

Bears Ears National Monument

Interior secretary recommends scaling down Bears Ears National Monument

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Grand Canyon, from Powell Point on the South Rim

Some US national parks are feeling pressure from developers

Tie Sing

This backcountry cook you’ve never heard of is a legend at Yosemite National Park


Ever heard of Sing Peak in Yosemite National Park? Turns out, it has nothing to do with music. It honors the park’s Chinese immigrant past — and an amazing backcountry chef named Tie Sing. A park ranger at Yosemite did some digging and unearthed the hidden history of Sing and the immigrants who helped create the park we know today.

Trying to escape the government shutdown? Don’t head to the great outdoors

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Many around the world have mocked the inability of US government officials to cooperate and end the government shutdown. Those who aren’t laughing include people from around the world whose visits to US national parks have been ruined.

New monuments join National Park System this summer


America’s National Park Service maintain some 84 million acres of land, 4.5 million acres of oceans and lakes and countless miles of rivers and seashores — and it’s growing. This summer, three monuments were added to the National Park Service and two more were put under the care of the Bureau of Land Management.

Looming budget cuts imperil National Park system

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With the sequestration budget cuts coming quickly, there are countless examples of how the budget cuts will have real world consequences. The National Park Service, advocates say, will be forced to greatly reduce operations to cope with mandated cuts.

America’s history: Interior department tries to better tell history of all Americans

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Just roughly 3 percent of America’s historic landmarks document the history of women, African-Americans and Native Americans. But an effort is underway as part of the Obama administration to broaden that historical reach, and include more locations important to Americans from diverse backgrounds.