Abdullah Hammoud, mayor-elect of Dearborn, Michigan

Dearborn’s first Arab American mayor-elect: ‘You need not change who you are’ to run for public office


“You’re seeing minority populations and residents begin to really get involved in the political process,” says Abdullah Hammoud, the mayor-elect of Dearborn, Michigan. He spoke to The World’s Marco Werman about the issues facing his constituents.

Hamissi Mamba walks through the guts of what will be his new restaurant, Baobab Fare in Detroit. Originally from Burundi, Mamba relocated to Michigan two years back, learned English, and is now a budding entrepreneur.

Detroit welcomes immigrants to spur the city’s revival

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Comic still of woman against yellow backdrop holding up a book and pen

Author Saladin Ahmed has found mainstream success in the US — while being ‘unapologetically Arab and Muslim’


Ladislav Hanka

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Rick DeVos

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Grand Rapids Idol

Arts, Culture & Media

At this fall’s ArtPrize — the massive visual arts contest in Grand Rapids, Michigan — 37,000 members of the public voted for their favorite work. A 19-foot-wide oil painting, “Open Water no. 24,” beat out more than 1,200 entries. Kurt spoke to winner Ran Ortner about how the prize has changed his life — and […]

Sign pointing to a water distribution site in Flint, MI.

It’s been almost three years since Flint’s water crisis began. What have we learned?


Last month, lead levels in Flint’s city water finally tested below federal-action level. But residents are still being cautioned to use filters on their faucets, or to drink bottled water.

Protesters at airport, protesting outdoors in front of airplanes

Activists, on overdrive to respond to Trump’s immigration plans, are making new alliances in Detroit


“Even before I shower, my mailbox is almost full. And soon as I wake up my phone starts ringing,” says Detroit organizer Adonis Flores.

People hugging in front of airport arrival and departure signs

Attorneys in Michigan’s Arab American communities have a short window to prepare for Trump’s immigration plan


A Boston judge granted a limited reprieve to refugees and immigrants from seven majority-Muslim countries who already have documents to enter the US. That gives immigrants in the US a week to prepare for potential family separations, legal issues and, perhaps, being unable to travel.

Residents of Erbil buy groceries in a local market.

Just 60 miles from ISIS, youth bowl, swim, see George Clooney in ‘Tomorrowland’


ISIS-controlled Mosul is just two hours away from the Iraqi city of Erbil. But youth in the Kurdish capital aren’t cowering. Instead they are swimming, bowling and enjoying new movies and Chinese restaurants.