Housecat stalking

Do you really understand the ‘lion in your living room’?


A new book documents how house cats came to thrive in a human-dominated world, and how, in reality, we didn’t tame them, they tamed us.

Young male lions at sunrise in Tanzania.

How hunting lions might actually help save them

The total number of wild animals in the world has dropped by more than half in just 44 years, according to the World Wildlife Fund's new Living Planet Report. The report compiled data for more than 10,000 vertebrate species, along with trends in humanity'

Global wildlife populations have fallen by half — a stat that says it all

Lion close up GeoQuiz

This is how close we got to the King of the Jungle


The Lion

Lion populations on the decline as African savannas disappear


The king of the jungle is in danger and it isn’t just from poachers. But creative new methods are being developed to help manage conflicts between lions and people.

Would you eat lion meat?


Butcher shops that sell lion meat may not be breaking any laws, but they’re delving into a murky area of exotic meats with little regulation.

Where Lions Like to Attack After the Full Moon


Lion attacks on humans have been on the rise in this East African country.

The World

The Panther’s Path

Wildlife officials say mountain lions were wiped out in the Eastern U.S. long ago. But a hardcore group of believers insist the big cats are still out there. Living on Earth’s Jeff Young joins the hunt for the elusive Eastern Cougar.

The World

Mountain Lions

Mountain lion populations in western U.S. and Canada are as high as they have been in decades — but there are far more people in the West as well — and with the steady spread of suburbs into the mountains, there are more encounters than ever before between mountain lions and humans. Clay Scott reports, […]