Lead poisoning

Workers prepare to replace older water pipes with a new copper one in Newark, New Jersey, Thursday, Oct. 21, 2021.

Scientists link childhood lead exposure to adult mental health problems

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Lead contamination in drinking water can have serious impacts on growing brains, including cognitive issues in the short term and mental illnesses years after the exposure ends.

White-tailed buck

Lead in hunted meat poses health risk to families and food banks

Health & Medicine
Child drinking water

Newark, NJ, has a lead contamination problem in its water

Army residences

US Army moving to address crisis over lead paint in base housing for children

Lead porch Reuters story

Childhood lead poisoning remains a widespread problem in America

Goldman Prize winners

This community activist in LA helped end decades of environmental abuses by the Exide company


They call the award the Green Nobel: The annual Goldman Environmental Prize celebrates the achievements of grassroots activists from each major continent.

Leaded gas sign

EPA budget cuts threaten programs to reduce kids’ exposure to lead paint


The Trump administration’s budget eliminates programs that help reduce the risks of lead paint exposure in children, alarming doctors and other public health advocates.

Water faucet lead?

An investigation has found lead in 2,000 US water systems


A recent investigation by USA Today into lead levels in water systems across the country found more than 2,000 examples of systems that pose a risk to consumers.

Studies show that communities of color are especially vulnerable to environmental injustice and environmental racism.

This professor says Flint’s water crisis amounts to environmental racism


Professor Robert Bullard is called the father of environmental justice, and he says low-income communities of color often face environmental crises with lagging help from government agencies.

Foraging geese

A fall ritual in the US has become less toxic — but no less deadly


The phrase, “Eat lead!” may soon vanish from regions where waterfowl and game birds are hunted in the US.